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How to start a Python project easily

person drafting on blueprint
I like to try out new technologies and programming languages, and one of the first blockers I face is how to start a project. I absolutely love the way you can start a NodeJS project with npm init. You can do something similar with Python. In this article, you’ll learn how to start a Python project assuring that its dependencies won’t interfere with other projects' dependencies. And how to use Make to distribute your project to be easily installed in other development machines in no time.

How mind maps changed the way I take notes

Two people looking at a wall with a big mind map with blue, green and red arrows connecting dots
I’ve always been the paper and pen type. Addicted to stationery items, my desk was always a mess, full of post-its, pens, notebooks, markers… You name it. I wasn’t finding the perfect organization method for taking notes in meetings, conferences, etc. and then being able to read them later in a convenient way. I started lots of notebooks and systems, like Hipster PDA or bullet journal, but after a coupleof days I always gave up.